Injustice: Gods Among Us Game Review

It would be an injustice for me to not review this game. You KNOW the review is going to be good because I started off with a bad pun. It’s all uphill from here. I got Injustice on the day of its release, and I’ve been playing it since. I’m ready to tell you what I thought. Did this superhero fighting game excel like Mortal Kombat 9 did, or did it turn out to be a watered down fighter?

The three key points to this game are the story, the fighting, and the extra content. Ultimately, this game is great, once you take the story out of the equation  Let’s take a deeper look into the campaign of Injustice.

The story gives itself a death sentence by starting off the game in an alternate dimension. In this dimension, reality is different. If I’m in an alternate world, why should I care what happens? This world which you are forced to fight for isn’t even the real world!

While playing through the story, the characters you play as are given ridiculous reasons to fight. If my mother were to prepare a sandwich for me incorrectly, for example, and I started a fight with her over it, it would seem insane, right? I found myself rolling my eyes at some fights because they are sometimes instigated so forcibly.

The story wasn’t very dynamic, likely because there was too much star power on the screen. None got enough time and those who got a lot were stale in the way that they are portrayed. I never felt like these characters were at risk because

A) It was an alternate universe

B) The characters took pills to make them god-like.

There is one cutscene that impressed me, but the rest fell flat. (Hint: It involves Shazam and Superman. And Superman is angry.)

As you can tell, the story mode was lackluster. Thankfully, however, it was the game’s lowest point. The game gets great once we leave story mode.

The fighting in this game is the star of Injustice. A large roster of 24 characters offers 24 unique play styles. The combo system is easy to get a hold of. What makes it easy to grasp is the option to display special moves and combos on your screen as you play. Instead of attempting to remember a combo list before the fight begins, you can pick some moves to put on your screen.

Along with that, each character has their own special ability as activated by the B button. Wonder Woman can alternate weapons, Flash can speed up time, and Cyborg can regenerate his health. These are just a handful of the 24 various abilities.

With a host of fighting styles and combos, the environment around you can be used in your fights as well. Whether it be throwing gas tanks, riding idling motorcycles, or releasing masses of water, your character can use the stage items to cause damage. Stage transitions are great fun as well, and Super Moves are the always crowd-pleasers.

The fighting in Injustice is unique, innovative, and fun. It doesn’t feel like a rehashed Mortal Kombat game, and so Injustice is very individual in terms of the fighting mechanics.

There is not much to be said about the Extra Content. A ton of unlockable content is available, from costumes to soundtracks to battle modes. S.T.A.R. Lab missions are simple Challenge Tower type missions that are quick…until you attempt to get three stars. Talk about frustration.

What makes this game so motivating to play is the fact that you get XP for everything. Even if you’re fighting with somebody on the same console, you still earn points. Whether it be through battles, online matches, or local matches, you are constantly being rewarded.

If you want Injustice, go right ahead. This T-Bone is a great fighter that, while it lacks in the story department, has a lot to do and a great character roster. If you are a DC fan, it would be an injustice to miss out on this.



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