Iron Man 3 Movie Review

I am Iron Man.

No, I’m actually Ddog, but what’s the difference? I saw Iron Man 3, the first movie in Marvel Phase 2, the second phase of Marvel movies. Here’s my review.

The two key points of the film are the characters and the story.

Iron Man is back, and he’s screwed up in the head. The events in New York shook him up, and (as I imply) he no longer wants to eat shwarma. Tony Stark can’t sleep, and he’s been building more and more suits to occupy his time and fill his emptiness.

What makes Tony so appealing in this movie is the fact that he uses his brain more than his armor. He is humanized. Sure, his ego is at an all-time high, but he is arrogant and humorous without the suit on. He needs to fend for himself at various points in this film, returning to where his heart is: In the engineering chair.

His chemistry with everyone in the film is why his cocky humor is believable. He shines with each and every person on screen, even the kid, who wasn’t annoying, surprisingly. Don Cheadle as Rhodes bugged me in Iron Man 2, but this time around, I accepted him as Stark’s buddy.

Tony goes through a lot of change by the end of the movie, setting up an interesting scenario for the Avengers.

The story takes many turns, and there were a few scenes in particular that stood out, namely Tony’s anxiety scenes, time with the kid, Tony equipping Pepper, and the “monkey in a barrel” scene.

I feel like how the antagonists were handled, however, was a mistake. I wasn’t on board with the bad guy of the film, and the Mandarin wasn’t utilized as he could have been. The first half of the film was full of heart, but after Tony goes to Miami, it lost a lot of weight.

Over all, Iron Man 3 has some memorable moments, changing Tony Stark and showing another side of the character. It is funny, dire, and grand-scaled. I wasn’t on board witht eh antagonists, but Iron Man 3 is a T-Bone. It is definitely better than Iron Man 2, but perhaps not as great as the first Iron Man. Be sure to stay after the credits.



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