Think a Bit Thursday: Call of Duty Camo Ideas Part 2

I did a post a couple of weeks ago where I pitched camo ideas. I was in a mood to get inventive, and so here we are with Part 2.

Bush Wookie– Featuring a Bush Wookie in its natural habitat, this camo is for the ghillie suit snipers.

Burning Glacier– This camo is both cool and hot at the same time. Intense.

Melody– As your gun fires, the bars fluctuate to match the sounds of war.

Sunkist– Bright orange, like a boss.

Antenna– Salt and pepper static would make a great camo, perfect for players with poor connection.

Conspiracy – Illuminati nuts would go nuts after seeing a bunch of eyes on their gun.

Toxic – For Zombie fans and those who drink their own urine.

Toxic Juggalette Neon Green

Stairway to Heaven – Zep heads would purchase this camo without a doubt.

Smog – It’s still brighter than a day in England.

Favorite camo of the group? Any you have in mind?



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