Wrath of the Titans Movie Review

Wrath of the Titans-(PG-13)

Clash of the Titans starred Liam Neeson as Moses. Therefore I had no expectations for this movie.

Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to Clash of the Titans. I am surprised to say that this movie was a step up from Clash. A small step, granted, but a step all the same. The three key points to this film are characters, action, and action. Yes, I said action twice.

The characters in this film are basically cardboard cutouts. For those of you who have played Gears of War 3, the characters in this film are basically Cole Train cutouts:

Actually, this cutout may have more substance than the characters. I didn’t care one bit about anyone in this movie. Hephaestus looked liked Dumbledore for God’s sakes! Sam Worthington grew out a jewfro for his role. Why? Why anything? Why anything about this movie?

I had subtitles on when I watched the movie, so I can confidently say that I read the movie’s script. I am glad to announce that the makers have upgraded from a 10-year old child writer to an 11-year old child writer. The mythology is so terribly inaccurate that it would give any mythology expert a heart attack. But if you are going into this movie for insightful dialogue, accurate mythology, or character development, you aren’t the brightest light bulb in the light bulb store. Where this movie shines is the action.

This movie is fight scene after fight scene. There is just explosions and destruction. But I must say, this movie is gorgeous. The CGI and visuals are all spectacular. I haven’t seen visuals this great since Green Lantern, another movie without much structure. Wrath of the Titans looks awesome. The action was nonstop and relentless. A fun movie for the guys? Yes. If you want a movie that is solely action and you have some time to shut your brain off, see this movie immediately. I will admit that I laughed a couple of times however, once with the movie and once at it.

Wrath of the Titans is a Porkchop. I enjoyed it because it was hilarious. Some scenes are so ridiculous that I am laughing as I type this because I am remembering them. Apparently you can have your head forced into walls over and over and over and still perform a choke hold on the god of war. Pure hilarity.

Have you seen Wrath of the Titans yet? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!



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