Search Term Sunday: Dr. Phil and Fried Chicken

It’s Sunday. These are real terms that people have searched to find Gamerscene. Let’s take a look at what we have this week.

is the uprising map pack bad for children?

Yes. Magma will inspire your child to watch Austin Powers, which is inappropriate. Encore will cause your child to listen to Jay-Z. Vertigo will make your child jump off buildings. The worst of them all, Studio has a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are scary. This map pack is very bad for children.

how to make bomb rice crispy treats

Step 1: Refrain from using slang terms in your Google searches. It will give you more accurate search results.

how to camo share on black ops 2? i have a account with a camo on it but how do i get on my account?

Google isn’t Dr. Phil. You can’t make a search term that long and expect to get the answer you want. Key words, young lad, key words.

injinjustice videos

This brings back memories of Tom Sawyer. Injun Joe, you were a mean guy.

first letter of the blops 2 dlc packs theory

This is actually an interesting thing that I considered doing a post on. So the Black Ops map packs spell out F.E.A.R (First Strike, Escalation, Annihilation, and Rezurrection.) The Black Ops 2 map packs, so far, spell out R.U (Revolution, Uprising) I don’t know what this year’s DLC will spell out, but I am guessing that it will all come out to be F.E.A.R.R.U.S.S, as in Fear Us. It’s too early to tell at the moment.

morbidly obese asian

Here you go.

baby shirley temples father and mother

Why would the child version of Shirley Temple have a different set of parents than the older version of Shirley Temple? That was a stupid search. Speaking of stupid…

fried chicken stupid

How is fried chicken stupid? Fried chicken is great when done right.

how do you give a blogger an award on wordpress

It’s actually a very unimportant event. I received the Lovely (Sexy) Blogger Award, and it wasn’t anything special. You’re not giving an Oscar. Just link the blogger and they’ve gotten the award.

hipsters + fat + over 35

= WoW players

Which term was your favorite? The first takes the cake for me šŸ™‚



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