Movie Monday: Agents of SHIELD, Ender’s Game, Demi Lovato in Paranormal 5

It’s Movie Monday. This week we have a couple of trailers and news that is shameful.

The trailer for Agents of SHIELD has dropped. Check it out.

This new ABC TV series is going to be interesting. I wonder how it will tie into the Avengers, though I assume that it happened before the events in New York, because Coulson is alive. A series I will check out? For sure.

Next up is the trailer for Ender’s Game, a movie that was adapted from a book that I disliked. It features Ben Kingsley with feces smeared across his face.

If you haven’t watched the trailer, don’t because it contains the ending, if I am not mistaken. Stupid trailers. Anyways, I’ll see this film in an effort to see a movie in which I enjoy the movie better than the book…because I didn’t like the book.

Lastly, Demi Lovato is going to be starring in Paranormal Activity 5 (according to rumor which is likely accurate). Yep, you heard me correctly. God help us all.



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