Man on a Ledge Movie Review

Man on a Ledge-(PG-13)-

Like the trailer spoils for us, the man on the ledge is actually a distraction from a heist. How cool would it be if someone went into this movie thinking that it was just about a guy threatening to jump off of a building, but then the heist starts and they’re like: BEST PLOT TWIST EVER. Sadly, that can’t happen, because the trailer and commercials give away the plot, which I understand, because I wouldn’t want to watch a guy threaten to jump off of a building for and hour and forty-five minutes.

The three key points to this movie are plot, action, and thrill. Just like skillfully made roast beef, the plot had many layers.

Remember the Taking of Pelham 123? That movie is great because it’s not just a movie about a hijacking of a train. There are back-stories that amplify the plot. Walter Garber, the man who negotiates with Ryder, was accused of taking a bribe in the past, which raises credibility issues. Things like that add substance to the plot.

Though you think that the plot is predictable, you learn in the last few minutes that your assumptions were naive. There were plenty of twists to satisfy your needs. The seasoning on thus roast isn’t store brand junk. It’s legitimate, culinary stuff.

The action, mainly referring to the heist, gave me some mixed feelings. The heist included some methods and gadgets that seem small compared to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’s, and I don’t know if any of it would work, but I advise you to let it be. Don’t question the realism of this movie.

The thrill factor is high. There are some tense parts that will keep you from being let down. Sam Worthington pulled this performance off very well, and so did most the other actors. Key word: MOST. Man on a Ledge is a T-Bone. If you want to have fun, and if you don’t question any of what you see, you’ll enjoy it.



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