Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie Review

I had the privilege to see Into Darkness at midnight. I returned home at 2:30 am, and so I didn’t have time to make this review. What I was doing, however, before falling asleep, was processing the fantastic film that is Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I loved the first Star Trek film, and so my expectations for this movie were at an all time high. Despite all of the anticipation, I loved Into Darkness more than I loved the first. And I really loved the first. The three key points to this amazing film are the visuals, characters, and plot.

The visuals of this film are spectacular. This is due to the bright colors and authentic set pieces. Nothing in this film looks like weak CGI. All of the futuristic locations, from the bridge to futuristic London, were believable.

Into Darkness was shot brilliantly, the camerawork remarkable. Lens flare is back as well, and I loved every bit of it.

Into Darkness looked great, clean, and polished. By the way, 3D looks spectacular with this film. Lens flare is beautiful in 3 dimensions. (Here’s a 3D ass. Get it? Ass? As in donkey?)

The characters in this film are all lovable. Every single one of them. What’s great about these characters is that they aren’t the same as they were in the first movie. Sure, their personalities are similar, but they have all grown from Star Trek, namely Kirk.

What makes these characters great is the fact that we know them. Abrams doesn’t spend any more time reinforcing these characters that we already know. Instead, he utilizes them and embeds them into the story masterfully. Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as the villain, delivering a menacing and memorable performance. Badass, is all I can say.

The plot is layered, has depth, and is action packed. Upon thinking back to the film, Into Darkness moves relentlessly. There isn’t a moment aside from a few short scenes where you can stop and relax. This movie is go go go, the pacing fitting with the haste and urgency of the events unfolding before you. For a two hour movie, it packed in a lot of content. Amazingly, Into Darkness didn’t feel bloated or rushed. It was paced masterfully.

Star Trek: Into Darkness was funny, intense, grand, and very well made and acted. The banter and chemistry between Spock and Kirk are so far unmatched in this year’s cinema. I loved this film. This movie is a Filet, topped and surrounded by your personal favorite toppings and sides. Go see this film now.

In the wise words of Dave Matthews: “I am the captain of this ship.”


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