Contraband Movie Review


Weak is all I could say. Forget Tabasco and Red Hot, Contraband is smothered with weak sauce, and it’s unfortunate, because this steak could have been great if topped correctly. Contraband had a ton of potential, but it fell miles away from the finish line.

The three key points to this flick were action, acting, and plot. The action is nothing we haven’t seen. The gun-fights were typical, with no flare or anything to set it apart from other movies. In fact, the shootouts were boring. If you want good action, go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Wahlberg and the gang just weren’t action stars in this flick.

Don’t look at me like that, Mark.

The acting was on par, but the script was crap. The actors were forced a messy script, and you could tell that they were trying to make the best of their lines. They acted well, but the things they said weren’t witty enough or interesting enough. Mark Wahlberg did the best he could with this dialogue we’ve heard over and over. The team carrying out the job with Mark had no chemistry, and they just weren’t interesting at all. You and I have seen these characters before. I’ve heard this dialogue before. I’ve seen movies where money is like mind control.

The plot was typical of an action movie as well. I’m  not expecting the most advanced plot of all time, but I would appreciate it if there was any effort at all. I was more interested in the wife being stalked at home by the druggie with a cartoon character’s voice that’s worse than Snoop Dogg’s rather than Mark Wahlberg dealing with his brother-in-law who doesn’t know how to do anything right.

Do not see this Porkchop, for it is smothered in weak sauce. Rent the Expendables or watch 007 if you want action. Nothing about the smuggling was interesting. This was beyond forgettable.



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