About Me Monday: How I Came to See Star Trek

With Star Trek Into Darkness being released, I thought that I should share how I came to see Star Trek. In 2009, the new Star Trek was being released. My dad was quick to suggest that we go see it.

I’m always for seeing a movie. Always. But Star Trek? That’s the nerdy thing from the 1800’s. That’s the boring show that my dad has on occasionally. I hesitantly got into the car, not really looking forward to the movie at all. My dad has a 6th sense, and so he picked up my cousin to make my experience more bearable.

We got to the theater and the movie began. I walked out shocked. It was great. A Filet. A Filet that was out of this world. Star Trek became one of my favorite movies, and I fell in love with the rebooted franchise. I saw Into Darkness on the midnight launch, and I loved that one even more. Here’s my review for that, if you haven’t read it yet.

So I went into the 2009 Star Trek with the expectation that it would be an opportunity for a nap, but in reality, it was a great film. Lesson that was learned? : My dad is always right.



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