Think a Bit Thursday: Superman Parallels Jesus?

A friend of mine told me to take a look at the Man of Steel trailer. I told him that I already did, but he insisted that I watch it again. “It reminds me of the story of Jesus,” he said. I didn’t buy it for one second, but when I got home, he sent me a link to the trailer. He seriously wanted me to connect this trailer to Jesus. You’ve got to be kidding me. I opened the link and I watched the trailer again. Here it is. Be sure to watch it.

The significant narrative is as follows: Goodbye my son. My hopes and dreams travel with you.

He’ll be an outcast. They’ll kill him.

How? He’ll be a god to them. What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired for something greater? 

You’re the answer, son. You’re the answer to are we alone in the universe.

Can’t I just keep pretending I’m you’re son?

You are my son. And I have to believe that you were sent here for a reason. And even if it take the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find what that reason is.

For some, he was a guardian angel, for others, a ghost who never quite fit in.

You will give the people of earth an ideal to strive towards. They’ll raise behind you, they will stumble, they will fall, but in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

You believe your son is safe? I will find him!

My father believed if the world found out who I really was, they would reject me. He was convinced the world wasn’t ready. 


Deep stuff, right? I can’t help but see the similarities between the story of Jesus and the story of Superman. Superman is essentially a god, but he was never tied into paralleling the story of Jesus. Not in any adaptation I’ve ever heard of, that is.

Let’s roll with this Jesus idea for a moment. If these connections are relevant, then Russell Crowe, Superman’s true father, is resembling God. As God did not have a wife, the wife of Crowe could represent Mary, Jesus’s mother in the flesh, who has the human perspective in the story of Jesus. Joseph was Jesus’s human father figure, though not his true dad, just as Superman is raised by a man who is not his actual parent. The guardian angel/ghost comment could reflect how humans reacted to Jesus. The “You believe your son is safe?” comment could be the devil’s point of view. The final comment made by Superman is about how his father knew that the world would reject him. Just as Jesus was rejected, Superman is also an outcast. 

What do you think? Is this trying too hard to see something that isn’t there, or do I have reason in believing my friend’s claims? Chime in below. The comments section reserved for you. You have VIP benefits. Please exercise them.



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