Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Movie Review

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol-(PG-13)-(Blu-Ray worthy)

Tom Cruise is nuts.  The guy jumped on Oprah’s couch. NOBODY jumps on Oprah’s couch. But I accepted the mission. I saw Ghost Protocol.

The three key points to this movie are acting, action, and plot.

The acting was top notch, surprisingly, given that this movie is full of stunts and action. Tom Cruise didn’t disappoint (or jump on any couches).

The whole cast brought their A-game. Simon Pegg did a great job as the comedian of the group, quick and witty with his delivery. His joking nature didn’t overshadow the movie’s seriousness.

Jeremy Renner failed to let me down with his performance either. He didn’t use a bow at any point in the movie, but I’ll let that slide, simply because he was badass regardless.

The action of Ghost Protocol has set the bar for the next Bond movie. A lot of chases and fights are presented, but they aren’t clichéd. It doesn’t feel like something we’ve seen before. Chases take place in sand-storms and fights take place in spectacular locations. The gadgets put a grin on your face and don’t fail to impress.

The action was fast-paced and constant, and so when the fight music dies down, you hear your heart thumping and people heaving out their breath because they’ve been holding it for so long. The movie took action that we have already seen a hundred times over and put a twist to it.

The plot is typical of an action movie, but it’s interesting to see how the events were carried out. Don’t expect an Inception-leveled story. This is an action movie, not politics. Over all, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a T-Bone. It takes the spy-ish feel of the first movie and turns it into action, but the spy-ish feel still lingers. I recommend watching this movie. Bond is going to have trouble topping the stunts of this film. A laser watch simply isn’t going to cut it.

Note: After seeing Skyfall, I was much more impressed with its stunts/cinematography/everything else. 😉



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