Sucker Punch Movie Review

Sucker Punch (PG-13) 

sucker punch (n) :A sudden unexpected defeat or setback. That’s exactly what this movie is…but its defeat isn’t unexpected.

We have Sucker Punch, the very stylistic film about about Baby Doll, a girl who is brought to a mental institution by her abusive stepfather. She is to get a lobotomy five days after she is imprisoned, but Baby Doll doesn’t want that. She wants to break out.

The three key points to this movie are action, visuals/audio, and plot. The action in this movie was very stylistic. This was made by the same guy that brought us Watchmen and 300, so it’s the artsy kind of choreography that you’d expect.

Odd points of views, slow-motion, and detail was finely applied. That made this movie interesting to watch. The final product wasn’t a mind-numbing war movie. With Zack Snyder as the director, it was a mind-numbing war movie with stunning visuals.

The visuals were breath-taking. The CGI was over the top, creating whole cities and fantasy creatures. I enjoyed every scene of the movie because of everything to see. (No, I’m not talking about the girls. I’m talking about the visuals. No, really. I’m serious.)

The audio is the high point of the film. Not only do the guns and swords sound good, but the soundtrack is an amazing one. A new song is playing basically every scene, fitting the mood and situation.

Now for the plot, the downfall of this film. Just imagine a steak that looks really good. Then you cut it open and it’s dry. That was Sucker Punch. The plot had potential to be huge, but the story was not explained well. This movie is a Porkchop, a Porkchop who couldn’t get its story straight. Skip it.



2 comments on “Sucker Punch Movie Review

  1. I think this is a good single watch to rent from Redbox or if it’s on Netflix. I saw it in the theatre with three of my friends and we all walked out a little confused and unsure of what we just saw. We didn’t dislike it, but in terms of plot I think you’re right to say that it just didn’t deliver. It IS a beautiful movie though. I’d like to see it again just to see if I can decide if I like it any better.

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