The Mechanic Movie Review

The Mechanic-(R)-

No, this is not a biopic on Mario. Wait, Mario’s a plummer, not a mechanic. That introduction was weak. Let’s use this embarrassing moment as a segway into the review.

The two key points to this movie are action and length. The action was brutal, creative, and clever. After the first big fight scene, your heart is pumping like crazy. You feel like you just jumped off a cliff, sprinted onto a roller coaster, and bungee jumped off a bridge all in rapid succession. The action is bloody and graphic, and isn’t for anyone who cringes at the sight of blood. Trust me, there’s a lot of it. This wasn’t ALL mindless gory action. There were some clever kills added into the mix. If you seek action, The Mechanic is a great candidate for it.


The second point I wanted to address is the length of the film. It was 1 hour and 33 minutes. That’s about the length of Shrek…and we all know how short the Shrek movies seem. It’s the same case with this movie…it’s over before you know it. They could have fit so much more into this movie, and why they didn’t surprises me. I wish there was more, but there wasn’t enough…There was enough brutal violence, but not enough plot.

In the end, it was just an action movie. A bloody, bloody Porkchop.


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