The Town Movie Review

The Town-(R)-

People from Boston aren’t quick to befriend me, as the Yankee cap on my head is offensive to them. Nonetheless, The Town makes Boston seem a bit more interesting. Criminals who wear Halloween costumes? Count me in.

The two key points to this movie were the action and the acting. The action in this movie was fresh. I like how The Town wasn’t like Wanted or The Expendables, where the main characters could run through hallways killing people in ridiculous ways. Affleck and crew weren’t a bunch of Supermen.

The acting in this film is top notch. It is easy to tell that Renner and Affleck have a bond on camera. They contrast each other nicely, much like bomb lemonade. Lemonade isn’t enjoyable when it is made with too much sugar, or with too much lemon.

I think California has taken its toll on me. I used a food analogy that consisted of lemonade rather than meat. I apologize. I should just end it right here.

The Town is a juicy T-Bone, full of stuff that you’ll enjoy. Drama, romance, and action come together very well in this film.



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