Search Term Sunday: Beautiful Arab, Dumbledore, Angry at Google

This is Search Term Sunday. All of these Search Terms have been used to find Gamerscene in recent weeks. Enjoy. 🙂

spongebob movie 2 2014 news update in june 2013

I can’t help but wonder who actually CARES about a Spongebob movie. Interested in Man of Steel? The next Tarantino movie? Maybe Star Wars? Understandable. But a Spongebob movie? I’m sorry, but who cares?

beautiful arab actress

Here you go. It was a difficult five minutes, but here it is. If you need more help in the future, let me know. I would be glad to help you again. 😉

does the dlc camos be for the accounts

Does your grammar be poor?

let me watch this movie wrath of the titans

Bro, I don’t even know you, but I wouldn’t let you watch that movie. There are better comedies out there. Hephaestus is Dumbledore. That’s all I need to say.

free the midget girls

Try protesting that infront of City Hall. See how that goes for you.

whats the movie where nun costumes rob a armored truck.

1. The Town

2. What*’s

3. *an

4. *?

are you f****** retarded i said black ops 2 dlc 2

I find it hilarious that you actually counted out how many stars you needed to type as if it mattered. Cursing at your search engine is something that I am glad to have captured and released to the world. Your search bar isn’t Dr. Phil.

i won’t watch movies salt 2

I support that decision.

taken 2 grenade throwing roofs

Well it sounds ridiculous when you say it like that….

Which was your favorite this Sunday? Let me know in the comments below! And have a  Happy Father’s Day!



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