The Rock Movie Review

The Rock-(R)-

No, I’m not reviewing Rocky, I’m reviewing the Rock, starring 007 and Nicolas Cage. Everyone knows that Nicolas Cage plays himself!

The 2 key points to this movie about the takeover of Alcatraz are action and acting. The action was a bag of variety.

Along with the car chases, tactical fighting is presented as well. The threat of traps, experienced bad guys, and chemicals makes Alcatraz seem all the more intimidating. The Rock isn’t just a car-chase gun-fight kind of film. The good guys aren’t super soldiers. In fact, they rarely had the upper hand. There is danger to be had. Because of that, there is always a sense of danger lingering.

The acting was great. What do you expect form Connery and Cage? Connery has his usual charm and experience, and he sets the stage. Mason is a very developed and unpredictable character. That’s what keeps him interesting. His quick temper keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Nicolas Cage cracks me up, because he is so funny in action movies, with his constant shouting and inclination to add nerdiness to all of his roles. He has some funny lines in this movie, and actually helps with some kills. Let’s not count out Michael Bay just yet. The Rock is a Filet Mignon, fresh and salty.


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