Think a Bit Thursday: “I Like All Movies”

I was recently talking to a movie fanatic. As we were speaking, I asked him what his least favorite movie was. He looked at me like I had three heads and said, “I like all movies to some degree. Some movies are better than others, but I like them all.”

Never in my life have I heard that from anyone. I can say that I disliked Dinner for Schmucks and District 9. I can say that I disliked the Tourist. There are a handful of movies I can honestly say that I did not enjoy. This person, however, takes movies for what they are.

Is this how we should view movies? As a person who reviews films, I can’t help but wonder how somebody can have this way of thinking. Inception was an outstanding film. The Tourist, on the other hand, was unnecessary drivel. Still, this person, if he lives by his words, likes the Tourist.

I think that this is proof that for many, movies are an escape. Sure, there are some who go to movies with their date because it’s the thing you do with dates just because. There are those who go because everyone is talking about a particular film and want to come aboard the hype train.

Then there are those, like me, who go to see a story unfold before my eyes. If there is a story to hear, I want to hear it. I recently watched the Prestige. It’s not a current movie, but I took time out of my day to watch it because its synopsis intrigued me: Two rival magicians go to great lengths in an effort to come out on top as the greater magician through sabotage, trickery, and revenge.

That sounds like a story I want to hear, and so I opted to hear it.

I can’t say that my line of thinking aligns with this person’s. I did not like the Tourist, for example. I can say with confidence that I didn’t like it. Nonetheless, I appreciate movies and am interested in them. I just can’t say that I like all of them.

How do you feel about this person’s outlook? Do you like all movies?



One comment on “Think a Bit Thursday: “I Like All Movies”

  1. I definitely wouldn’t say I like all movies. There are some that, yeah, I just don’t want to watch, or won’t both watching a second time. But I’m definitely less critical than a lot of people. And I definitely like some movies that the majority of viewers dislike. The Tourist being one of them. 😛

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