The Adventures of Tintin Movie Review

Tell me Tintin doesn’t look like Syndicate.

The three key points to this animated film are the visuals, characters, and tone.

This movie is one of the best looking animated films I have ever seen. The cinematography is masterful. Not only is the world full of color and detail, but the lighting and filming was top notch.

I kid you not: There were times where I thought that a certain shot was filled with real people.

The animation in this film is just stunning. The way that lighting as well as scene transitions  are handled are clean and visually stunning. Tintin was “filmed” in such a dynamic and absorbing way that I was blown away.

The characters in this film succeed because they are so likable. Tintin is a very animated character in the sense that he’s fast talking and prying, a best-friend version of a journalist. The drunken captain (played by Andy Serkis, of course), is easy to attach to because he’s both comedic relief as well as the heart of the story’s mystery.

Animals in movies usually just annoy me, because they’re used as a cheap ploy to satisfy kids with cuteness. This time around, however, the dog who goes by the name of Snowy, is great. I can’t believe that I’m counting a dog as a character, but this creature was effective and worked with the plot very well.

The tone of this movie is quite sinister for a family movie. Allow me to stop right there. What makes Tintin so enjoyable as a movie is the fact that it isn’t a kid’s movie, but a family movie. Guns are drawn and fired, the captain is a drunkard, and death isn’t an imaginary threat.

This movie isn’t depressing, however. It’s filled with effective humor that’s very subtle and frequent. The cops are hilarious, Captain Haddock is hilarious, and the dog is…funny. (I couldn’t squeeze a hilarious for an animal. It’s not in my nature.)

Over all, Tintin is a Filet. It’s been a while since an animated movie has had such a sense of adventure or such a detailed look. Paired with great cinematography and a complex story, Tintin deserves to be called a Filet.



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