Prince of Persia Movie Review

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time(PG-13)


The 3 key points to this movie were the music, visuals, and plot.

The music of the movie was fully and 100% under Middle Eastern influence, and it sounded VERY good. It went well along with crazy building jumps and intense street chases. Though Gyllenhaal isn’t an Arab, the music, scenery, and costumes sell him as one. Prince of Persia gets some gold stars for selling the ancient Persian universe.

The visuals were great. Not Blu-Ray Avatar quality, but the lighting and effects were on point. The desert scenery was amplified by the bright lighting that simulates a hot sun.

Still, there was an issue with the plot. The story moved too fast. One minute an important character dies, and the next minute another one dies. There was no time to think or breath. The characters seem to get from point A to point B with no problem. The story was too fast. I’m happy that it wasn’t as slow as Valkyrie, but it was too fast.  I have been served a Porkchop. The pacing made the movie feel lighter than it should have been. There was something missing.



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