Braveheart Movie Review

Braveheart is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is inspiring, thrilling, and a significant epic.

Mel Gibson plays a character who is likable from the start of the film. He comes off as confident rather than arrogant, and that ultimately makes him easier to like. He acted with passion, embodying the character of William Wallace.  He was charming, passionate with his speech, and a monster on the battlefield. He also had  a sense of humor, which is rare from heroes on this big of a scale.

I cannot pass up mentioning the supporting cast. Wallace’s comrades are hilarious. The Irishman and his childhood friend are well played, and there is not one weak character that weighs the movie down.

The battle sequences are very well done. Whether they be formal battles across a grassy plain or the defense of Wallace’s hometown, all of the fighting was captured in a very engaging way.

The messages that this movie delivers are not only through Wallace’s powerful speeches, but through his actions and the actions of those around him. He has faith not for those around him, but for himself out of his own true belief.

Braveheart is truly a film of epic proportions. It was grand, it was a spectacle, and it was hilarious. Despite the epic qualities of the movie, humor is added into the film, and I laughed with the characters. Go see Braveheart. It’s a grand Scottish Filet.



2 comments on “Braveheart Movie Review

  1. I’d seen this movie a long time ago, but I actually just recently rewatched it (good timing!). And wow. I knew it was a classic, I knew it was good…but wow. It was way better than I remembered it. And it’s one of the few films that I think really stands up to the tests of time. If it wasn’t so bloody long, I’d probably watch it more often.

    • It’s definitely an experience, partially because of the run time. Any idiot could make a long movie, but Gibson here is telling a tale that is strengthened by the long run time.

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