About Me Monday: Cousins Coming to California for Vacation…Documentary to Come

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have some GREAT news. Later this month, my cousins are coming to California for vacation. Last summer, I went to New Jersey for two and a half weeks, where I reunited with family and friends. Over the course of the trip, I filmed the journey and it became an hour long vacation documentary, split into three 20 minute parts. Here is the original post from a year ago with the three videos included.

Quality this time around will be HD, audio problems will be nonexistent, and text, if used, will work as intended.

Look forward to the “documentary” landing some time in August. I look forward to making it for you guys as well as for my cousins and I to have to look back on. Let me know in the comments below if you have anything specific you’d like to see. Thanks for reading!



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