Injustice: Gods Among Us Season Pass DLC Review

4 New Characters

Flashpoint Skin Pack

Price: $15 Dollars (1200 Microsoft Points)


Injustice has been a great game, and on top of the 24 characters that came with the game, 4 more have been released. Along with the four new characters, the Flashpoint Skin Pack was included with the Season Pass, bundling the two items for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Is the Season Pass worth it? Let’s take a look at the content included, starting with the Flashpoint Skin Pack.

The three characters that have a Flashpoint skin are Aquaman, Deathstroke, and Wonder Woman. If you don’t use those characters very often, then this Skin Pack will feel nonexistent.

Aquaman’s Flashpoint skin has a classic, clean look.

Deathstroke’s Flashpoint skin exposes his face.

Wonder Woman’s Flashpoint Skin gives her an intimidating warrior appearance.

So if these skins look good to you, this pack is looking pretty good for you. For me, Wonder Woman and Deathstroke are among my least used characters, so the Flashpoint Skin Pack doesn’t contribute much to my playing experience.

But these little cosmetic skins aren’t what you’re here for. You are here to be informed about the four new characters. The two key points to the characters are their presentation and fighting. How did they turn out? Let’s start with Lobo.

Lobo looks menacing. His biker costume and Predator dreads are intimidating. The cigar in his mouth makes it seem as if fighting is a usual activity for him. His Super Move is hilarious, as at the end of it he gives his opponent the finger. It is comically censored, and it matches his personality very well. Lobo is an individual character, and he is definitely presented to us well.

Though he is large, his movement is unlike Bane’s or Grundy’s. Lobo’s chain moves pair with his base combos very well. He moves quickly and smoothly, a powerhouse.

His Character Power is a stronger shotgun shell that inflicts inclined damage. Integrated correctly, it is a true asset.  Lobo is powerful, but he doesn’t trade power for speed. Instead, he has both speed and power, fairly easy to get a feel for.

Over all, Lobo is a great addition to the Injustice roster. Now onto Batgirl.

Batgirl looks great. She is portrayed as being feisty, and her look complements her personality. Her costume, though it may be close to representing the Pittsburgh Steelers, looks very nice. Her victory stand on top of a Gotham building is heroic, and the rain makes her seem even more badass.

She moves very similarly to Catwoman, though she doesn’t have the bite that Catwoman does. She can deal damage, though she isn’t very hard hitting, if that makes sense. Her Character Power is a style change from blades to gauntlets. It didn’t feel as if it enhanced Batgirl’s abilities however.

Batgirl’s special moves and combos are very smooth and easy to integrate into combat, as is her Super Move. She is fun to use, very quick, though she sometimes lacks the power to dish out serious damage.

Regardless, Batgirl is a great addition to Injustice. She isn’t as solid as Lobo, but she is a character that I am pleased with.

Next up is Scorpion. Scorpion was modified slightly to look more comic-esque than warrior-like. We all know that Scorpion is the all mighty MK character who lives to kill. Cosmetically he looked great. His character introduction is a nice nod to Mortal Kombat, and the inclusion of the Netherrealm is satisfying homage to Scorpion’s source material.

It is unfortunate, however, that Scorpion plays like he does. The MK character has his signature moves, and they work as they did in Mortal Kombat, but he isn’t very…good. He plays fine and his Character Power and Super Move do some damage, but he’s pretty weak.

Scorpion is easy to use, but he’s weak sauce, plain and honest. He is a character in the roster that I won’t be using often.

Lastly is General Zod. The way in which he holds his hands behind his back when he isn’t beating his opponent senselessly is menacing, giving him character. His movement wasn’t a replica of Superman’s, so Zod feels original.

His moves are powerful, interesting, and dynamic. His Character Power allows him to summon a thing to attack his opponent. I’m sure it has a name, but I call it a thing. As for his Super Move, he carries his enemy into space and drives him through the moon, soon to send them hurtling back down to the earth.

General Zod is fun to use, a great addition to the Injustice character roster, and is a hardcore villain.

So there you have it. We have a superhero T-Bone, charred. If you want to build your roster, get this Season Pass. Scorpion is the weakest part of it, but Lobo and Zod specifically top notch additions that you NEED to have in your arsenal.



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