Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Vengeance DLC Review

4 Multiplayer Maps, Zombie Map

Price: $15 (1200 Microsoft Points)

Revolution was a Filet, Uprising was a strong T-Bone. How does Vengeance stack up with the first two map packs? We’ll start by reviewing the maps. I’m feeling nostalgic, so I’ll begin with Uplink.

Uplink is a remake of the Summit map from Black Ops. Cosmetically, this map looks great. Universally, rain in video games is nothing but an annoyance. Uplink benefits from the precipitation, however. With booming lighting and a dark complexion, this map looks sinister. The darkness of this map is not a grayness, and it’s important to emphasize that. This isn’t a bland map with 40 tones of black making up its color scheme. The rain and darkness makes the map appear dynamic rather than bland. The character models on Uplink are notably cool-looking as well. Blue camouflaged suits are badass.

Uplink features many settings that offer various types of engagements. The radio room in the center is always buzzing with activity, treading the ledge with the sedentary gondola is always a gamble, and the flank route on the opposite side of the map always leads to the heart of the enemy spawn. Uplink is a map that promotes a lot of engagement and a lot of action. I greatly enjoyed Uplink.

Next up is Rush. I have never been paint balling, but after a quick trip to Google Images, it seems like Rush accurately portrays a paintball arena.

A lot of color is literally splattered all over the map, which makes it easier to stomach the wooden walls that line a side of the map. Without paint, this map wouldn’t have much character. It is the personality that the paint adds that makes Rush memorable. Graffiti stains a few parts of the map and splashes of color are sprayed across obstacles. Rush is a paintball arena.

As the name of the map implies, rushing is the dominant play-style of this arena. Playing this map with a go go go attitude will result in success. Rushing and choosing your flank routes wisely is the way to play Rush. Does that sound like your play-style? If it does, Rush is for you. This is a very well crafted map that harbors fast paced action and constant gunfights.

Now it’s time to get exotic. Let’s stop at Cove.

It’s refreshing to have a map that strays away from pavement. The sand alone is enough to make this map stand out visually. The blue water that surrounds the island is a nice break from reality, where the water is green or brown. It makes the island seem more like paradise. The crashed plane in the middle of the map isn’t simply a broken plane. There is evidence of its rough landing. Fallen palm trees and debris float in the water that trails behind the plane. Cove is bright, very well lit, and truly looks great.

I really enjoyed Cove. It doesn’t resemble any map in the game so far, and it feels very grand in the sense that high rock formations tower over you. There are a lot of open areas, though cover and concealment are existent, if sought out. Long ranged gunfights are bound to happen, so long ranged weapons are a wise choice. Leave your shotguns at home. An extra passage or two leading to the middle of the map would be appreciated, but regardless, Cove is great.

Lastly is Detour. A broken bridge and destroyed road is nothing new to the Call of Duty franchise, and so this map had a lot to prove visually.

Detour has a lot of vehicles scattered about it. SURPRISE SURPRISE! It has a light orange tint about it, likely due to the sun in the distance. There isn’t much to say about the cosmetics of Detour. It’s a collapsed bridge. Collapsed bridges aren’t very colorful, last time I checked. Detour looks alright, though it isn’t on par with the visual grandeur of the other three maps. It is, however, competing with a lightning storm, a paintball arena, and an island, to be fair.

Detour is often frustrating. That is mostly because you often get killed from a distance before you can comprehend where your enemy is located. I struggled at doing well on Detour at first. Then I slapped on a Target Finder. My problems disappeared. Using a light machine gun with everyone’s favorite sight will lead to ultimate success on the map. Once you learn how to navigate it, Detour is easier to stomach. I liked Detour, but it is my least favorite map of the map pack. Now onto Zombies.

Buried is set in a buried western ghost town. I find it ironic that the secret song in Mob of the Dead was by Johnny Cash rather than the one at Buried. I would have expected Sinatra or something along those lines for mob of the dead. Regardless, Buried is the best Zombie DLC map in Black Ops 2 to date. And that’s saying something, because Die Rise and Mob of the Dead are incredibly great.

This map features new weapons, a new perk, and new mechanics.

Buried is smooth, and the map is used fully. There is a lot going on, but not to the point where you become overwhelmed. Instead, you are excited and frantic, trying to get everything done. It’s a blast. Play it for yourself. Buried is one of the best Zombie maps created.

Vengeance is a Filet. The four maps were great, though Detour is at the bottom of the pile. Regardless, Buried is so good that it hardly matters. If you are contemplating buying Vengeance, do yourself a favor and get it.



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