Man of Steel Movie Review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Ddog flying in for another review. Man of Steel has been the most anticipated film of 2013. Did it live up to our expectations?

The three key points to this film are establishment of Superman, the story, and the action.

The best parts of this film are the flashbacks which show Kal’s struggle in concealing and learning of his abilities. The most powerful scene of the movie, in fact, was a flashback. The flashback method of storytelling was a great creative choice.

An integral part of the Superman universe is Lois Lane, as she is his love interest. The connection between them is established very well, and she works well as both a journalist and a love interest.

What didn’t work in the establishment of Superman was the opening sequence portraying his launch to earth. It was a CG-fest that I didn’t connect to. As I said, the flashbacks showing when Superman was in his younger were the best parts of the film, as they didn’t rely on big action pieces or CG universes.

The story of this film was engaging, as Superman’s origin and the way he lives his life is interesting. General Zod, the villain, however, was not very solid. There was nothing that made him stand out to be as a notable villain. The Joker and Bane and Silva and John Harrison are villains who are individual and memorable. Zod was just a villain, nothing special.

The story was simple, and it succeeded in introducing us to Superman.

The action is where we have a problem. Superman is god-like. I understand that he is a hero is capable of great feats, but the carnage that was created by him was unforgivable. Though he saves lives throughout the film, the destruction that lays in his wake is not very hero-like in my eyes. I can’t help but wonder how many civilians died as he flew through buildings and tossed around Zod.

Kal didn’t intend to hurt people, but he undoubtedly did.

Over all, Man of Steel was a T-Bone. The action towards the end of the film became too much. Superman was established well, but the villain was nobody special and the destruction was too heavy and ruthless to be conjured by the hands of Superman.



2 comments on “Man of Steel Movie Review

  1. I didn’t get to the theatres to watch this (bummer) but I’ve definitely been hearing mixed reviews about it. I still want to see it, though. I mean…it’s *Superman*. For a fan of superhero movies, this is a must-see on principle alone.

    • You’ll enjoy it! Many were really let down because they expected Superman Begins, but it’s a movie that allows Superman to be introduced. Number 2 has to step up the caliber.

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