Rio Movie Review


Nobody was interested in flying creatures until Angry Birds, and so producers decided that they should make a bird movie, because it would actually appeal to an audience. I must say, Rio was a success.

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Rio

The three key points to this movie are animation, characters, and overall child appeal. The animation was dazzling and bright. The birds looked perfect, from their feathers to their eyes. They had a cartoonish manner about them, but there was enough realism to keep these birds believable. The other animals as well as the the humans were also animated well.

The scenery of Brazil was captivating. It nearly inspired me to take a vacation. All in all, the birds, the humans, and the scenery will make your eyes feel fuzzy inside.

Characters are extremely important in all cases of film, but they are most important in children’s movies. It doesn’t take much to get a kid liking a character, as they always have a new favorite every month, but kids don’t choose to go to the movies. Parents call the shots as to what movie their child sees. The acting talent behind the characters will hook the parents from the trailer. Big names are attached to Rio. Jesse Eisenberg, Wanda Sykes, Jane Lynch, Jamie Foxx,, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, the list goes on and on.

You fall in like with these characters because you know who is behind their voices. Thankfully, Rio allows you to enjoy and root for the characters.

Lastly is the child appeal. Rio attracts adults because of the actors, but how is the humor? Will the kids get it? The kids get their humor. Guys falling, monkeys getting hit, and the colorful birds will amuse the kids. Thankfully, though there is some adult humor. The adult humor mainly comes from the Brazilian people. It is funny how oblivious or funny some of them can be. Also, the adults will love the animals. The thieving monkeys, the slobbering bull-dog, and the two local birds will crack you up.

Overall, this is a great animated movie. Not only does it appeal to children, but it appeals to adults. Rio was the bomb. Check out this T-Bone ASAP. This isn’t an animated movie that you should groan about watching. Rio is worth your time.



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