The Prestige Movie Review

Magic is a topic in movies that hasn’t been touched upon very often. Christopher Nolan took on the challenge, however. Two rival magicians take their enmity to the next level. Was I amazed by this film or did I want it to disappear? (See what I did there?)

The three key points to this Nolan film are the acting, the story, and the style.

What makes the characters so interesting is the fact that you and I may be siding with a different magician. One is arguably more in the right than the other, but they are both captivating. The acting was solid all around. Christian Bale is a tough character to crack, and so you desperately want to understand him. Hugh Jackman’s performance was on point as well.

Michael Caine plays Michael Caine as usual, the man who is both loyal and wise. Scarlett Johansson is attractive and magnetic, serving as a story layer. Things ultimately become more complex when a women is thrown into the mix, and she is very much a woman.

The acting was very well done.

The story is what the Prestige will be remembered for, however. It’s very complex and full of turns. Getting a look at magicians and how they operate behind the scenes is intriguing. I can’t help but wonder if real-world magicians were unhappy about this movie showing “magic” as nothing more than mechanical traps and doubles.

The tie between science and the art of illusions is something unexpected, because this movie is set in older times. Add in some history and the Prestige is very impressive. Nolan creates a story that gives away all of its secrets with the first shot and first line, yet it still keeps you wondering and engaged.

My problem with the Prestige lies within its presentation. The execution was solid, but the presentation was lackluster. I didn’t take note of notable cinematography or an individual score. That’s where this movie missed being a Filet. It didn’t feel like the one and only Prestige. It didn’t have its own style. If this film had a notable score or way of being filmed, it would be a Filet, because the story is absorbing. The Prestige is a T-Bone. Are you watching closely?



2 comments on “The Prestige Movie Review

  1. Great review! You know, this movie came out at the same time as The Illusionist and I saw both of them. To me, The Illusionist kicked this one in the butt. Not saying this is a bad movie, I mean its from Nolan and has a great cast through and through but something was missing that Illusionist did better with a better twist 🙂

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