Rango Movie Review


I’m not a fan of Johnny Depp. That being said, I surprisingly enjoyed Rango.

The three key points to this movie were the “acting”, animation, and humor. Before I saw the movie, I was infuriated to see critics saying, “Johnny Depp’s performance was amazing.” What performance? He wasn’t in the movie! He provided a voice for an animated lizard! After I saw the movie, however, I understood what the critics meant.

Johnny Depp did at least three different accents and voices as Rango. His voice acting was top notch. The odd actor embodied Rango. The other characters were also well voiced.

Next is the animation. The characters were greatly detailed, and so was the environment, but the main attraction for me were the eyes. Rango’s eyes, Bean’s eyes, Jake’s eyes, EVERYONE’S eyes were so big and colored.

The animation technology we have today was flaunted with this film. It looked great and the lighting was superb.

So the acting and the visuals were great, but what about the humor? An animated film for a younger audience isn’t a success without some humor. Rango had humor, and a lot of it was direct adult humor.

What stood out to me about Rango is that it had a lot of adult elements to it. Cigars, alcohol, guns, “damn,” and “hell” are all present.

Overall, Rango is a very good looking animated film without much fluff or marshmallows. It was a T-Bone, fresh and meaty.


4 comments on “Rango Movie Review

  1. I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp, and I didn’t really enjoy this movie all that much. Hm. Maybe there’s a pattern here.

    (Also, I never stopped getting emails. I’ve just been so busy! In case you were still wondering.)

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