Search Term Sunday: Watches, Blood and Bohemian Rhapsody

Search Term Sunday is here! What is this sorcery “Search Term Sunday?” Well, here, I take search terms that people have typed into their search engines that have led to Gamerscene and analyze them. Let’s do this.

john travolta watches

Watch count: 1

modified rolex watches

Watch count: 2

diamond in face movie

007: Die Another Day. I still remember the diamond-faced Korean. Bond also used a watch to detonate explosives in that one. Watch count: 3

i brought bejamin pack for black ops 2 and its not on my guns how do you do iy

Start by shortening your search terms. KEY WORDS buddy.

how many microsoft points do i need to get the new zombie map vengeance

The map is called Buried. The PACK is called Vengeance. It’ll cost you an ounce of knowledge.


blood in a line

…You people are sick.

fried chicken funn

I wonder how you can have fun with fried chicken. Fried chicken is good, but to have fun with it? Please tell me how you can do so.

how many microsoft points does it take to buy all of the camos for black ops 2 at once3

How about this? Take the price of one camo and multiply it by the total amount of camos. Use some common sense.

why is expendables 2 so corny

Did you see the cast?

freddy mercury lo para normal

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” ~The ghost of Freddy Mercury

Which term was your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below.



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