Cousins Coming Tomorrow! Vlogs to Come (Like if You’re Watching)

Tomorrow is the day that my cousins are coming to California from Jersey! They will be here for a week. Over the course of the week, my camera will be rolling. You’ll be able to watch the trip after it’s over. I will edit the footage, put it in HD, and fix any problems with audio/video BEFORE it’s posted. (The production quality as well as video quality will be better than last year’s. Last year’s vlogs had minor technical bugs and were not in HD, but I am now more acquainted with my editing software 🙂 )

I’m excited to see my cousins, to capture things that we’ll look back on, and show you guys what happened. Along with the vlogs that are posted, I will also include a poll, as I did last year, for you to vote on your favorite cousin :). Everyone is back and ready to win your votes. Haha.

Posts will likely be scarce from tomorrow to Wednesday. I would like to spend as much time with my cousins as possible. I’m sure you understand. Let me know in the comments below of ANYTHING you would like to see. This is a great opportunity for you guys to get to know me better, and to see my family and the anticipated wild time that I spend with them. Like this post if you’ll be watching!



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