The Incredibles Movie Review

The Incredibles

This movie is incredible. Cut me some slack, I had to do it. I couldn’t resist.

The three key points to this beloved film are the characters, visuals, and music.

The characters are very relatable, and what makes them seem grounded in the reality of family life is the fact that each person has an ability that reflects their role in the family. The strong dad. The mom who stretches herself thin doing 100 things at once. The fast younger brother that nobody can keep up with. The older sister who often times wants to be invisible. The unpredictable baby. And, of course, the chill uncle.

These characters are likable and individual. Despite his name, I can’t say that I’ve seen Mr. Parr anywhere else in animated cinema.

The visuals were pretty impressive. The lighting and shine was applied very well to the scenes and costumes. For 2004, it has some fantastic animation.

The music fit the superhero essence of the film. It is instantly recognizable, unique to this spectacular movie. The Incredibles is a timeless Filet. Even in 2013, the Incredibles is a great film.


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