I’m not going to bore you with introduction for too long. Just be sure to watch in HD and with HEADPHONES for clarity. As I did last year, I have set up a poll at the bottom of this post where YOU the VIEWER can vote for your favorite cousin. They fought hard for your votes so please be sure to cast them, as the campaign was a rough road. To get a feel for who you truly like the best, watch all of the videos before voting. These videos took a ton of effort to create, and your comments would make me extremely happy.

When you finish watching, let me know:

  1. What do you think of my family and I?
  2. What was your favorite video of the bunch?
  3. Did you laugh?/Which video was the funniest?

My cousins visited me from New Jersey for a week. These videos document our vacation. (7 days, one video per day.)

Day 1:

The cousins have LANDED! The first day contains a bit of everything: Music, food, sports, laughing. The first video in this collection is us messing around, still euphoric from reuniting. The cards that my sisters made for the boys give you a glimpse at their personalities.

Day 2:

We take a trip to the beach. It was sunny and the waves were huge. We finish off the night at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, a place that is your stomach’s friend, but your heart’s enemy. Please excuse the odd pixelation that is apparent during the picture sequence. Youtube’s fault :/

Day 3:

On Day 3 we ventured to Knott’s Berry Farm, a popular California amusement park. We stopped at Johnny Rockets for a filling meal and, shockingly, Robert kept it in his stomach. Stick around to hear some Robert Nausea Dubstep at the end of the video.

Day 4:

Due to a church convention mass being held the next morning, we spent the night at the hotel in which it was being held. Mayhem ensued.

Day 5:

Lots of music in this one. Easily the most relaxed video of the 7.

Day 6:

Universal Studios is full of montage. There was a lot to see at Universal, and I wanted to show you the best bits. When we got home, we watched the Room. I loved it, despite the fact that it is the worst movie I have ever seen (It was my second showing.)

Day 7:

We enjoy a barbecue, Downtown Disney, Inception, and a final brunch before saying goodbye. Below is the poll for you to vote on.

And to refresh your memory, here are the questions that you would be so gracious to answer in the comments below.

  1. What do you think of my family and I?
  2. What was your favorite video of the bunch?
  3. Did you laugh?/Which video was the funniest?

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed!



6 comments on “HERE THEY ARE! MY 2013 VACATION VLOGS

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