About Me Monday: 5 Things You DIDN’T See in My Vacation Vlogs

I recorded A LOT over the course of my vacation, but I could only include so much in the videos. Here I lay out some bits and pieces that didn’t make it into the vlogs.

1. Guitar Sessions

On Day 1, George and Jordan played a lot of guitar, and I recorded their sessions. It was great, and Jordan even provided vocals for some songs, but I couldn’t fit it all into one video. If you want more guitar from the boys, Day 5 will satisfy you.

2. Football on the Beach

On Day 2, we played football on the beach. My sister recorded it, capturing interceptions, tackles, and touchdown passes. But before she recorded the ordeal, she took pictures. As I was deleting the pictures from the camera, I got into a rhythm of button pushing, and didn’t realize that I was also deleting video clips. My dad injured his rib, Justin got an interception off of me, and I tackled him hard. Unfortunately, the recording was lost :(.

3. My Phone Drowning

On Day 4, you could see that we were by the hotel pool for a bit. I went into the Jacuzzi with my phone in my pocket as soon as we got there. It wasn’t until a minute into the relaxation when I realized that I still had my phone in my pocket. I was unable to revive the phone.

4. The Dreaming Tree Montage

On Day 4, I wore a shirt that contains what I consider to be the Dreaming Tree. For those unfamiliar with the song, here you go.

I recorded a bunch of dramatic shots showing off the shirt with this song playing in the back, but Youtube hit me with copyright, and so I had to re-render and re-upload the video without the montage.

5. Robert’s CD Signing

During Day 7, we went to Downtown Disney. There is a small portion of the video in which I film a man who is playing drums. Robert decided to purchase his CD, and he got it signed. The drum guy talked to us for 5 whole minutes, and I filmed all of it. The footage still exists, but I didn’t find a proper place for it in the video.


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