50/50 Movie Review

A comedy about cancer? How can this be pulled off without it being offensive and obnoxious? Cancer is a touchy subject, and so this movie, I’m sure, was a challenge.

The three key points to this film are the acting, humor, and plot. Joseph Gordon-Levitt embodied his character like a champion. You get to understand him as the story progresses, and that’s important. When a main character  is facing death, it’s important to feel a connection. If you don’t feel connected, you don’t care. Gordon-Levitt made me care.

Comedy actors are either a hit or a miss for me, and Rogen is typically a miss. This time around, however, he was tolerable. I didn’t want him to be killed off in an odd way.

The humor was juggled masterfully. 50/50 is a serious film, but it has lighthearted, funny moments that get you to laugh before submerging you in another sad scene. Seth Rogen’s character and a couple of old men diagnosed with cancer are the main sources of comedic relief, and they succeed at making you laugh.

This movie is a deep one, yet humor is peppered in a perfect amount. 50/50 is funny without being offensive, but it’s emotional as well.

Lastly, the plot was well paced. All of the plot points are relatable and realistic. All of us have known someone or had a connection to someone who is suffering or has suffered from cancer, and so I’m sure that the overprotective mother and sympathetic therapist can be related to and understood. The dog plot point was a bit weak, but it’s a minor complaint.

Complaining about the dog is like complaining about the measly side of fries next to your steak. The steak is still a damn good steak, but the fries aren’t doing it for you. Regardless, you can still enjoy your steak without a problem. (Comparing a dog to food is not an indicator that dog is part of my diet.)

Over all, 50/50 is a strong T-Bone. It’s emotional, it’s funny, and it’s strong. Gordon-Levitt truly deserved an Oscar nomination for this movie. I recommend it to everyone who wants a night filled with laughs and maybe some tears. 50/50 is one you should see.



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