About Me Monday: The Chocolate Fountain Enigma

Enigma- a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation.

It was at a wedding. The night was going very well and I was having a great time with my cousins. Soon, it was time for dessert. I approached one of the many dessert tables. Being me, the table I went to first was the one with the grand chocolate fountain on top of it.

Marshmallows, pretzels, strawberries, and a bunch of other foods were lined up next to the fountain. Although I wanted to put my head under the fountain and swallow every drop of chocolate, I got on line like a civilized person. My mind was completely focused on the fountain.

When it comes to food, not 100% of it always lands in my mouth. I knew this as a fact, and so I was mentally planning how NOT to get any chocolate on my suit. After what felt like forever, it was my turn at the fountain. I grabbed a large amount of things that I was to drench in chocolate, and every time that I placed a food item under the chocolate-fall, I made sure that I didn’t get any chocolate on myself. So I’m preparing my sugar rush and I feel something hot on my chest. I look down and there’s chocolate on my shirt. Impossible.

Then I hear, “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” I look to my right and this girl is holding a skewer with a marshmallow at the end of it. The marshmallow is dripping chocolate. This girl wasn’t from my family, and so I didn’t know what to say. My suit had chocolate on it and it was her fault. But she was pretty! A very attractive girl. That’s why I remember this event so clearly. She told me that she was sorry 100 times and I reassured her that it was cool.

So I finished compiling my food and headed back to my table, where my dad noticed that stain. He began the lecture right away. I told him that it wasn’t from me, it was some random girl. Of course, he didn’t believe me. I said that if I found her, I’d point her out to him.

I never found her, which is a shame, because she seemed nice. And attractive. But unfortunately, as I said, I couldn’t catch up with her later in the night. So I left the wedding with a full stomach, a stained shirt, and a story that nobody would believe.



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