Red Movie Review




The two keys points to Red were the comedy and the characters.

The comedy was on point and fresh. To try to describe Red’s comedy, I’ll say that it wasn’t corny Austin Powers humor, but it wasn’t full blown Hangover humor. It was a humor that was applied to the movie when needed. Unlike Superhero Movie and Disaster Movie, which push the humor to occur every second so that you can’t even take it seriously, this movie can carry out a basic plot without breaking the serious scene with unnecessary humor.

The snappy dialogue is easy to follow, which is a plus. Red had fast, funny humor that was consistent all the way through the film. The stars leave their big egos out the door for this film and act like old friends, sharing the spotlight and allowing their companions to work their lines when it was their turn to crack a joke.

The characters were great, and added spice to the movie. Frank Moses was the action hero, Marvin Boggs was completely nuts (yet always correct), Victoria was the tough chick, Joe Matheson was an old man with an eye for women, Ivan was the loving Russian, and so on. The movie expands on all of the characters as the movie goes on.

If you’re looking for some easy humor paired with action, go with Red. This T-Bone was bright red and aged perfectly.a



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