The Hangover Movie Review

(written in 2011)

I regret waiting so long to see this hilarious movie. I was blown away at how hysterical it was.

The two key points to the movie were the plot and the comedy. The plot was simple, but enough to attract the guys: A comedy taking place in Las Vegas.

The story was so ridiculous and so well paced that I find it hard to knock it, despite how over the top it was. It was well thought out and was constructed for thousands of laughs. The chemistry among the guys make the Hangover all the more solid.

The comedy was so random and casual that it was impossible NOT to laugh when jokes sprung up. The Hangover is so smartly written, and the jokes kept hitting. The music in the film was a plus as well, aiding to make this movie a comedy of our time that people will look back on and enjoy.

This is a Filet Mignon, minus the pepper and drugs the tiger ate.



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