Search Term Sunday: Arabic, Confusion, and Thieves

Search Term Sunday is here! Here, I take search terms that people have typed into their search engines that have led to Gamerscene and analyze them. Let’s do this.

andrew garfield spectacles

I have a strong feeling that you’re British. How educated you sound.

im excited for my cousin to come

Congratulations, would you like an award?

would i win the hunger games

Are you kidding me? Google isn’t an omniscient being.

what animated movie has a wrist watch that say rec with lightning dails

What could you possibly need to know this for? And how do you expect to find the answer to your question with a search term like that?

فيلم بلايند سايد

This translates to Blind Side Movie. You’re free to go. I expected something relating to shawarma.

braveheart formal review

As opposed to an informal review? Life isn’t McDonald’s. You can’t have it your way.

black ops 2 gun reticals explained

What are you seeking? You can’t find a picture of the reticles and see them for yourself? Really?

you didnt notice that we skipped number 5

An attempt to taunt Google…failed…because you landed here…? I’m so confused.

is benjamins a good gun camo for cod black ops 2 

So instead of looking at the camo himself, this knucklehead asks the internet if they think it looks good. Genius.

didn’t monday

I totally understand you.

how 2 get new call of duty camos for free

Here’s how: Step 1: Purchase them legally.

What was your favorite search term? Let me know in the comments below!



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