John Mayer Album Review: Continuum (2006)

I want YOU the VIEWER, to leave a comment down below to request an album for me and a couple other people to review. Any artist, any genre, we’ll give it a chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Continuum from John Mayer. A cousin of mine introduced me to the album, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to music being very opinionated, I brought my cousin Robert on board with me to assist with the review.

In green is my opinion. This album is new to me as I write this, and I am not familiar with John Mayer’s other work.

In blue is my cousin Robert’s opinion. Robert is in search of some more mellow artists and hopes John Mayer will become one of them. He knows a few of his songs from the radio, but Continuum is completely new to him.

Not interested in this artist or familiar with him? These reviews will you give you a taste of his music. Let’s start our track-by-track review.

Waiting on the World to Change

We begin the album with a song everybody knows: Waiting on the World to Change. It’s a light song, the meaning genuine and the music simple. When the song plays, everybody recognizes it. It latches listeners onto the incoming ride because of its familiarity. It was a great call putting this song as the first on the album.

Waiting on the World to Change is a great way to start this album because the music is very cheerful. This is a fun and easy song to like. There is a nice guitar solo in the song which is a nice touch. Overall, this is a solid first track.

I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)

I’m not a fan of showy, poppy voices. John, though he is a singer with precise vocal talent, has a subtle smokiness to his voice that makes it complimentary to my ears. This song shows off John’s lyricism that is flaunted more throughout the album. The chorus is relaxing and smooth. The song could have been a little less lengthy, but I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You) is still a great song.

There is a very cool intro to this song, and I like the lyrics because they make sense and they’re easy to figure out. I like how soft John’s voice is, and the instruments in this song are also great. I’m eager to hear more.


This song reminds me of dubstep. It has no electronic noises, but there’s a drop in the song. I always anticipate the chorus. It doesn’t come until well into Belief, but that keeps me listening eagerly for it to spring up. Belief is a song that is very muscular in comparison to the rest of Continuum. Its meaning isn’t light or frothy or centered around love, but serious.

I really like the guitar and John’s voice in this song, and that is the prime aspect of this track. I do not like the chorus of the song, as it would be fine without it, but the song is still great. Belief also has a lot of rhythm to it, something I wish more artists had in their music.


Gravity is a nice track. Its meaning is revisited in Vultures which is a stronger song, but it is a pleasant track.

With almost every album I have, Track 4 is always a song I fall in love with and this one is for sure one of them. This song is filled with soul, and I like how slow and mellow it sounds. This song is one I can easily listen to when I am just chilling out. This track definitely sets up that love mood people want to have when they are out at a dance or a party.

Heart of Life

The heart of life is good. Those are some strong words, and John sings them honestly. This is a nice little tune that is genuine and honest in its delivery. The guitar on this track is anything but overbearing, complimenting Mayer’s voice very well.

I remember hearing this song many times on the radio, and it is another solid song on the album. Once again, the guitar is great and I like the lyrics. The guitar reminds me a little bit of the Dave Matthews Band song Crush, but there is nothing wrong with that because that is the type of guitar playing I love.


The lyrics of this song aren’t only meaningful; they are well written and well executed. The instruments are in perfect harmony on this track. Vultures is catchy, a bit sassy, a bit bold, and overall, a great song that is sure to get stuck in your head.

John sounds like Adam Levine in this song. I could see both of them singing this song together which would be cool. John’s voice sounds different compared to other songs on this album and that is because he hits more high notes. I really like the drum beat in this song. It’s a fun one to listen to.

I’m glad you said something! I noticed the Levine thing as well.

Stop This Train

Again, Mayer’s lyrics are so relatable and so well crafted. Anybody can write lyrics that are plain as day, but Mayer writes in such a way that his words are easy to understand yet unique. The guitar is easy, innocent, and soothing. The drums sound like a chugging train to me, further enhancing Mayer’s metaphor. Stop This Train is a song pulled from Mayer’s heart. His vocals are top notch here, nothing less than spot on.

I love the lyrics to this song. I can relate to this song because I’ve just started college. I know that’s when school gets real and you are responsible for your actions. I know I will miss the good times in the past, but I know I have a wonderful future ahead of me. This may just be my favorite song on the album and I love everything about it. Anytime you can relate to a song on an album, you know its great. I will have that feeling of leaving for college next year when I transfer to another college that is almost an hour away from home. I know I can find some closure with this song.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

The guitar has a voice of its own on this track, and it works in unison with the drums. The lyrics are sung in such a passionate, matter-of-fact way. ‘Slow dancing in a burning room’ paints such a vivid picture in my head. The words to this song are so well crafted and so well put together that it’s hard not to appreciate. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room is a strong song.

From the song title, I knew this song was about love and I can imagine the sound of rain falling in the background of this song which would make it even better. Once again you can unravel the meaning of this song and it is the exact opposite of being in a relationship. You can tell John put his heart and soul into this song.

Bold as Love

Bold as Love took a while to grow on me. Now that it has, I can confidently say it’s wicked. I can’t compare Bold as Love to its original counterpart, however, as I’m not familiar with Hendrix’s original. Mayer just shreds and shreds and shreds. Bold as Love was simply Mayer’s excuse to show off in the studio.

This song starts quickly, and the guitar in the beginning sounded like the Red Hot Chili Peppers a bit. This song is different than the others because it has a faster tempo which I like. I can imagine playing this song at some event to get a crowd moving. The solo is awesome and it reminds me of a hard rock song which we all know I love. Bold as Love is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album and I love the change in guitar towards the end of the solo.

Dreaming With a Broken Heart

The idea to bring a piano on board for this song was a great one. The progression this song possesses is remarkable. It starts off with the piano, then the drums creep in, then John Mayer starts belting out louder lyrics and all at once, it finishes softly and calmly. This is a great song.

I remember hearing this song as well and it is very sad and deep which is why I like it. It can make almost anyone cry and if you have ever felt heartbroken from someone who stabbed you in the back then you will like this song, even though it may make you cry.

In Repair

In Repair is song that keeps on going and progressing despite the soft beginning. It sounds like pure rock for a moment in the middle of track, and it retains the rock sound until the end. In Repair isn’t as cohesive as most of the songs from Continuum, as there are a lot of different things going on throughout the song, but it’s still a decent track.

I love the bass in this song and it sounds a little like a song off Coldplay’s X and Y album. This is another song I can just chill to, and it’s a good slow song to listen to even though it is the longest track on the album. It also has a Beatles/classic rock feel to it, making me like it even more. The song ends with a great guitar solo which makes it even better to sit through, even though 6 minutes is not long compared to other artists I listen to.

I’m Gonna Find Another You

This song is a slap in the face. Despite its easy and jazzy sound, it’s a diss to an ex. This song is a bunch of fun, a bit funny, and it sounds like Mayer enjoys singing it. This is a great way to conclude the album: on a positive note.

For some reason, shorter songs always find a special place in my heart. I always hear this song on the radio as well, and it is usually around Christmas time. It’s a great song to end the album with and it has a great blues sound to it. If you are ever at a Christmas party or if you are like my family and play Christmas songs every year while opening presents on Christmas morning, then play this song and you will fall in love with it. This ends another awesome review by yours truly and I now have to go to a F.Y.E. store and buy this album because my cousin just made me a John Mayer fan and I am proud to be one!

My Top 3:


Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)

Robert’s Top 3: 

Stop This Train

In Repair

I’m Gonna Find Another You

This is an album you can play in the car without feeling obligated to turn down the volume or skip a track. Bold as Love is the album’s weakest song, but the rest are strong, individual and whole. Both the music and the lyrics were A-grade. Continuum is a relaxed and easy album that you should look into. It’s something you want in your collection. It’s a well aged Filet for sure.



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