Women Wednesday #10: Friendliness vs. Attraction

This is the dumbest idea ever, yet I’m 10 posts in. This is all of YOUR faults for voting me into this idea that was a joke. A JOKE. And here I am typing this. You people crack me up. Let’s get on with it. Today’s topic: Friendliness vs attraction.

I would like you to meet Jue-Dee. She’s a lovely woman. Let’s pretend that she is your waitress.

If Jue-Dee is nice to you while dining at a steakhouse, it doesn’t mean that she is attracted to you. She’s smiling and being sociable to get a big tip. It’s important that you understand this, or you will kid yourself and ask for her number, which she will rip and throw into another guest’s food.

Much the same, you need to be clear-headed enough to know when a girl is being friendly rather than trying to get special attention. The fact is, a lot of girls are friendly. A lot of girls are nice. A lot of girls are polite. Because of those things, you need to be aware of what’s going on. A smile and agreement on something doesn’t mean that she’s attracted to you. It could be that she’s being nice, and that’s that.

How can you tell the difference? Don’t ask me! You need to decide whether this waitress is BS’ing you for a tip or if she’s genuinely attracted to you. Here’s a post from a while back that will help you to decide if she is. That’s all I have to say. Just be smart and you will save yourself from being shut down by Jue-Dee.



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