Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a while since you’ve seen my posts in your email. Where is Movie Monday? Think a Bit Thursday? Where are the movie reviews? DLC reviews? RAGE SEGMENTS?

It’s plain and simple: I’m busy.

Usually, that’s the term people use to get out of doing things, but I would rather be doing this than school. Unfortunately, the workload is large. AP Euro, along with 3 Honors classes, have me busy during the week.

Along with homework, I’m running a club. It’s a film club, and that has a lot of my time as well. The weekends are now dedicated to homework, preparation for the club, and some family time. The benefit of this situation is this: The film club supplies me with ammunition for this blog! A diverse amount of movie-central topics will be posted throughout the year.

You can expect more: Diverse movie content (through Movie Monday)

Album Reviews (request some albums and get on some reviews yourself 🙂 )

Rage Segments

Movie Reviews 

Those last two will come whenever I have time! Thanks for understanding. That’s my situation 🙂



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