Movie Monday: The Film Crew

The news form of Movie Monday is no longer going to be practiced weekly. THIS is the new Movie Monday. We’ll take a movie-centric topic every week and take a closer at it. At the end of this post is a poll relating to this week’s topic. Be sure to vote on it! 🙂 Leave a like to support this kind of Movie Monday and let me know what you think!

The Main Crew:

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Composer
  • Actors

Next to each crew member’s title is the parallel to it, as if a movie was a restaurant.

The Producer (the restaurant owner)

  • Spawns the movie

The producer does exactly what his name implies: He produces and creates the movie.

  • Is tasked with overseeing the movie’s production.

The producer oversees the movie’s whole production, making sure everything is running smoothly, on budget, and on schedule.

  • Can offer creative advice.

The producer CAN offer creative advice, though it’s the director who heads the actual creative process of the movie.

To better understand what a producer does, observe MEAT.

M oney – The producer keeps track of the film’s budget. Most of the movies we see in theaters are big budget. It’s important to keep tabs on what you’re spending and where you’re spending it.

E mployment – The producer gathers the crew, hires the director, and oversees casting. Casting directors head the talent casting process, but producers cast the casting directors as well as the entire crew.

A dvertising – The producer handles marketing and advertising. If nobody knows about a film, nobody can see it. He doesn’t personally go out and give interviews as often as actors or the director, but he gives publicity to the film behind the scenes. (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, for example. It has been poorly marketed as far as I can tell).

T imetable – The producer manages and establishes the production’s schedule. Movies have a slated release date, and the producer is responsible for ensuring that the movie is ready and complete by that given time.

Clearly, the producer is very important to film. He’s the guy that gets everything started and keeps everything rolling. Once he has the crew and production established, he passes the baton to the director.

Director (the manager)

  • Coordinates the crew

The director has a crew of actors and technical people working under him, and he is responsible for coordinating and guiding them to capture the footage needed for the movie.

  • Their vision is what they try to create

The director has a set idea in his head as to what he wants the movie to be like. He tries to achieve his vision as best he can.

Cinematographer (the chef)

  • In charge of the shot.

The cinematographer is responsible for making a great looking movie.

  • Coordinates lighting, cameras, etc.

The cinematographer works closely with the camera crews and lighting technicians to create the desired look of shots, as well as the editor, who tweaks things during post-production.

  • If the movie looks good, give credit to the cinematographer.

Some movies with great cinematography include: 

Skyfall :


The Dark Knight:

The Composer (the teenage boy who burns CD’s to play in the restaurant.) 

  • Oversees and creates the music

Score vs. Soundtrack

Score = The music created for a film specifically

ex: Lord of the Rings

Soundtrack = A collection of songs, usually from various artists, used in a movie.

ex: Pulp Fiction

The Composing Process

1.Watches the movie

2.Writes music to pair with the movie after deciding on an artistic direction with the director.

3.Prepares the music for the musicians.

4.Records/creates the music.

Actors (waiters)

  • The performers who act out the story.

The actors are the talents who you see on screen.

  • Their responsibility is to act. They are the faces of the movie.

Actors are often the center of marketing material. People know actors, and unless you’re Spielberg, casual moviegoers won’t gravitate towards a particular director.

  • Stunt doubles are often used when an actor is unable, unwilling, or not allowed to perform a strenuous task.

Actors cannot always do stunts for various reasons, whether it because of safety or because of the disinterest in doing stunts. (Jake Gyllenhaal opted to do his own stunts in Prince of Persia.)

Other Roles…

People are also needed for

  • Props
  • Casting
  • Set Design
  • Animation
  • Practical Effects
  • Clothing
  • Makeup
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Locations
  • Booms
  • Camera
  • Lighting
  • Script Supervising
  • Weapons
  • Etc.


Movies are HUGE productions, and require a lot of people to get the desired end result.

Poll: Please vote on the poll below! 🙂 To you, who is the most important person involved in a movie’s production?

Thanks for reading!



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