Pulp Fiction Movie Review

Pulp Fiction (R)

PULP /’palp/ n. 1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter.

2. A magazine or book containing lurid subject matter, and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper.

This is how Pulp Fiction starts. With the definition of the word: Pulp. Who does that? Only Tarantino. When something this original opens up a film, you know that it’ll be different in its entirety.


Pulp Fiction is about the lives of two mobster hit-men, a gangster’s wife, a boxer, and two bandits who intend on robbing a diner. These four stories are told out of order, but they all intertwine by the end.

What drives this legendary crime movie are the characters and dialogue. The characters are very interesting. You wouldn’t expect these characters to be the way they are. In a movie like this, dubbed the greatest crime movie of all time, you would expect these gangsters to be tough and angry. By all means, they are tough, but they aren’t constantly cleaning their guns or reminiscing about their favorite kill or anything of that sort. Instead, they exchange banter about simple things in life, like burgers and foot massages.

Because these gangsters don’t act all tough when they’re not conducting business, you can connect to them. These gangsters are just ordinary, cool guys.

To sum it up, the characters are all believable because the acting is top notch, and the dialogue will leave you cleaning out your ears, thinking, Did I really just hear that? If this part of the review alone has convinced you to watch Pulp Fiction, hold the phone. May I add that this movie includes the dropping of around 256 f-bombs, as well as a ton of other vulgar words? And it features some scenes that would be extremely uncomfortable to watch with a significant other or your mother. Pulp Fiction is definitely not for younger audiences.

The seemingly random twists that the film takes are intriguing, and they make you wonder what could possibly happen next. While you’re watching this film, you feel as if you can expect anything to happen. Perhaps a dragon can swoop down from the sky and devour the main characters. The music, as it is with most if not all Tarantino films, seems to be thrown into the film like a blind artist throws paint on his canvas. And it works.

Pulp Fiction is a Filet that you will need to see at one point or another, as society will exile you if you don’t by the time you’re in your 20’s.



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