The Breakfast Club Movie Review

The Breakfast Club-(R)

This movie is about five high-school students who are stuck in detention on a Saturday. They are all very different, each with their own problems and personalities. Over the course of the day they learn more about each other, and hilarity ensues.

The three key points to this movie are the characters, humor, and plot.

The characters are all very unique. What makes them great is the fact that you know a kid or two like each and every one of them. They are acted very well, and each bring something dynamic and interesting to the film. These actors did a fantastic job with portraying these kids. You can pick favorites, but it’s difficult, because you come to like these guys so much. Think steak. You have Filets, but you also have Ribeyes and New York Strips and T-Bones, all remarkable cuts of meat, despite being different. The characters carry this movie.

Despite some heavy themes that are explored, there is a ton of humor that comes from each character, and it will have you laughing constantly. The nerd is hilarious, the criminal is such a punk that it’s funny, and the basket case is funny in her own, strange way. All of them will make you laugh.

The plot is driven by relations between characters, and you enjoy learning more about each of them. This movie takes breaks from the humor at times, allowing for deep moments about morals and reminiscing, but there is always humor to get back to the light-hearted mood that resonates from this film. The Breakfast Club is a laid back, fun Filet. You should check it out. Remember…steak gets better with age.



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