The Room Movie Review

The Room-(R)

This is by far, the worst movie I have ever seen in my whole life. It makes Dinner For Schmucks look like a masterpiece. The acting? Atrocious. The pacing? It’s like the whole thing was unrehearsed. The directing? There were whole scenes without cutting. The plot? It went nowhere. The transitions? There was a scene in the room, a bridge shot, and then another scene in the room! It made no sense. This movie was terrible.

I don’t know how this movie even got produced. Nothing was correct. It’s like 2 plus 2 had a challenged baby, named 5. But you know what? I enjoyed every minute of it. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. This garbage dump of a movie made me crack up. It is so intriguing. As of the publication of this post, I have seen it twice. TWICE. The worst movie I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched it TWICE! It’s that enjoyable. Just because it was incorrectly made in every aspect doesn’t mean that it isn’t entertaining.

The Room is Catfood. This is a complete mess that you’ll enjoy to an absurd degree. Understand that nobody hates this movie. Everybody loves it, and for good reason. I won’t even post the trailer. Or a picture. Or any facts. Just the most embarrassing lines and scenes for you to witness. I recommend that you watch this movie. It will boost your self-confidence and your ego by ten-thousand fold.



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