A Fan’s Opinion: How my Mom Feels About the New Wonder Woman

I know nothing about the character of Wonder Woman other than the basics. She has a lasso of truth. She wears patriotic attire. She is an Amazon (like Khloe Kardashian, except Wonder Woman is attractive). Other than that, I’m out of the loop. My opinion of the new Wonder Woman, therefore, is insignificant. Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman, and though I cannot speak much about it, my mother can. She is a huge Wonder Woman fan and has seen all of the TV episodes.

What follows is a casual interview between she and I. I did not give any explanation as to why I was asking her these questions, or tell her that a new Wonder Woman had been cast. I break the news to her later into the interview. Let my mom know what YOU think in the comments below, and enjoy!

Q: It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is your favorite superhero. Why are you so fond of the character?

A: Apart from watching her show while growing up, I feel that Wonder Woman is a beautiful character who has great abilities. She is a strong hero character. I would love to sit down and watch the show again!

Q: There’s been talk for a long time about a Wonder Woman film. How do you think the new Wonder Woman should look?

A: I don’t think that her appearance should change at all. I feel that Wonder Woman’s costume, hair, and accessories are perfect in regards to the original Wonder Woman. She had a simplistic style which works. I hope that they don’t touch her look.

Q: Is there anyone in Hollywood who you can see playing Wonder Woman?

A: I don’t think that anybody can replace Linda Carter.

Q: Well, they replaced her. A new girl has been cast as the official Wonder Woman. Would you like to see how she looks? *I show her a few pictures*

A: Wow! She’s beautiful. I think that this casting decision will work out well, though I don’t know if this new Wonder Woman fits exactly. My first impression is that she looks too “Hollywood.” She is tall and slender, though Linda Carter was pretty in a simplistic kind of way. Plus, Linda Carter had blue sparkling eyes, and this girl doesn’t. Still, that isn’t a big deal. As long as the girl playing Wonder Woman is brunette, it’s alright with me. I would love to see this Wonder Woman movie in theaters with my sister.

Q: She actually isn’t getting her own movie just yet. She will be making her first appearance in the Batman vs. Superman film in 2015. Are you still on board to see her despite the fact that she isn’t getting a solo film any time soon?

A:  Yes, I would be very curious as to how she would fit in as a superhero, but I will be very critical when I watch the movie. Because I have seen every one of the Wonder Woman episodes, I will be watching her performance closely. I won’t be watching with a negative mindset, but understandably I wouldn’t be able to help making comparisons.

Q: Thanks Mom. Can you make me some cookies?

A: *no comment*


It seems that she has my mother’s stamp of approval! Thanks for reading! Drop a like and a comment for my mom! She looks forward to hearing your opinions of the casting!



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