Set List Saturday: DMB Christmas Concert

Whenever an idea presents itself, I’m going to create an ideal DMB Set List for a particular occasion. I’d like the DMB fans to then let me know what they think of the Set List, and perhaps even create their own. This is all in good fun. This week’s Set List will be for a Christmas Concert. Enjoy! 🙂

The Christmas Concert would be free to the public and then made into a DVD. Kids would be welcomed, as it is implied that it will be featuring Christmas songs. This concert would include Butch Taylor on the keyboards.

1) One Sweet World

The perfect opener for the occasion. The riff starts the night on a positive, happy note.

2) Jingle Bell Rock 

Tim Reynolds would give this song a rock edge that fits the band. Carter would drop the cowbell and pick up the jingle bells. It would be a sight to see.

3) Anyone Seen the Bridge?>>

This upbeat, quick jam would serve as a great transition into Stefan’s solo, as he gets hyped while laying out this tune.

4) Stefan solo>>

Note that Stefan is wearing a red nose and antlers to amuse the children.

5) Linus and Lucy>> 

The band has played this song before, and it’s fitting for the occasion, as it’s the iconic piano theme song from the Peanuts TV show.

6) #34 

To honor LeRoi Moore of course.

7) Let it Snow

Rashawn would put down his trumpet and pick up a T-shirt cannon that is at his feet. He’ll fill it with cans of Campbell’s chicken soup and shoot them into the crowd.

8) Frosty the Snowman 

Complete with an intense scat session, Frosty will become a highly desirable song years after this show.

9) Oh

A nice little tune that many would appreciate.

10) Kashmir

Why the hell not?

11) Three Little Birds

Dave has sung some verses from this song during the comedown of The Last Stop, but a full rendition would be much obliged.

12) Warehouse

The nice, festive-sounding second half of the song is a perfect segway into…

13) Feliz Navidad

Sung entirely by Rashawn. He would sing the ‘Feliz Navidad’ part and then mumble the rest of the Spanish. It would be hilarious.

14) Carter solo >>

Did I mention that Carter would be dressed like Santa? Well, he would be dressed like Santa. Kids would get a kick out of Santa playing the drums.

15) Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Dave would be all over this tune. Tim Reynolds’ electric guitar would help to make this a badass song to hear.

16) Everyday with Vusi Mahlasela

Yes, they shipped this guy all the way from South America for this one show. A great jam for the Christmas concert.

17) Spoon with Alanis Morissette

Perhaps a little dark for a Christmas Concert, but regardless, the fact that Alanis is there should be enough for people to be on board.

18) Christmas Song

Not as Christmas-friendly as some may believe, but it has to be there.



19) Halloween>>

The kids have had their share. Now it’s time for the big boys to have their fill.

20) Last Stop

That is all.


There we go! That’s my Christmas Concert Setlist. Now let me know in the comments below: What did you think? What’s YOUR Christmas Set List? Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!



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