The Game Plan for Gamerscene in 2014

Here’s the deal. Gamerscene is going to slow down this year. It will be a year of rearrangement and refinement. Old movie reviews will be touched up and reposted, as they need to be moved from the pages and put into post form. At the same time, Album Reviews will be posted, as those are fresh and exciting for me and all other parties involved.

Thank you to all who have supported me over these past four years. Gamerscene will pick up again, but 2014 will primarily be a year of adjustment and fresh content. One thing that I am open to doing is answering your questions. Anything that you would like to ask me about anything, I will dedicate a full and elaborate post to. Last year’s resolution for Gamerscene was to make the blog include some more me. I feel that I achieved that, and I would like to be more personable with the blogging community. (You!) So ask away and I will respond to you. Thank you all once again. Good luck to you all in the new year!



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