The Top 10 Robbyisms of Wave One Album Reviews

Those who read the album reviews that are posted here on Gamerscene know that none of them are complete without the opinion of my cousin Robert. I value Robert’s opinions, as they are usually very logical. Usually. There are rare occasions where Robby says something that is unintentionally hilarious. Now that we have 10 album reviews completed, I finally have a reason to pick the best Robbyisms from all of the reviews published to date. Let me know in the comments which Robbyism you find the most hilarious. This list was a blast to compile, and hopefully it’s even more of a blast to read. A fresh list of Robbyisms will be made at each increment of 10 album reviews. Let’s get started!

(the ranking of the Robbyisms are completely determined by my own personal opinion)

10. “He seems very chipper when he sings, and the entire song has that bright feel to it.” – Robert on Dave Matthews Band’s Funny the Way It Is

Who the hell says ‘chipper?’ When Robby sent this review to me, I had to do a double take. Robert is not from the UK. His use of the word ‘chipper’ was out of left field. And that is why I love him.

9.”I can easily play this song for my family or friends, and we would all enjoy listening to it.” – Robert on Chris Isaak’s Goin’ Nowhere

Oh, this is a song you can play for your family?

Like the stance, like the sky, like the way you shake it.
You’re the kind of a girl that looks better naked.
You’re the kind of a girl I would say is goin’ nowhere.
You’re goin’ nowhere.

I wonder how your mother would like that one.

8. “This song is great when performed, well written, and I know I look dang good in Yellow!” – Robert on Coldplay’s Yellow

Robby does look dang good in Yellow.

robby yellow

The wine is symbolic of Robert’s sophistication.

7. “Faint is just another great heavy song from the band, and if you do not like it then why the heck are you reading this review in the first place?” – Robert on Linkin Park’s Faint

Robert states the facts. Yet another reason why I love him.

6. “It seems that Eminem has a problem with female dogs.” – Robert on Eminem’s So Much Better

When Robert listened to his first Eminem album, we all witnessed him soak in rap culture. This is one of the moments in which Robert made an observation about hip hop.

5. “I do not and will never wear Knee Socks, but damn this song makes you want to get lucky.” – Robert on Arctic Monkeys’ Knee Socks

I have nothing to say about this statement. 

4. “If you need to shut someone up, play this song at max volume right in the person’s ear.” – Robert on Linkin Park’s Hit the Floor

Gamerscene is not responsible for any deafness or other related medical problems that may be contracted while viewing this blog or any media connected to it. Also, do not follow this advice. 

3. “Well if there was any song you would play when stapling something together it would be this one.” – Robert on Jack Johnson’s Staple it Together

This is a Robbyism to live by. I will absolutely play this song each and every time I staple something.

2. “Thanks once again for reading this review and HAIILLLL TO THE KING! HAIILL TO THE WORLD! Just remember our king will always be our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God bless you all, Amen.” – Robert on Avenged Sevenfold’s Album Hail to the King

At the end of a review of Avenged Sevenfold’s Hail to the King, which begins with a track titled Shepherd of Fire and has an album cover featuring the Death Bat, Robert decided to bless everyone. This is yet ANOTHER reason why I love Robby.

1. “Ahhh…you’ve got to love when Dave sings about sex, because it is always funny and magical.” – Robert on Dave Matthews Band’s Crash Into Me

I died when I read this. Of the first batch of album reviews, this is undoubtedly the best Robbyism to date.

Let me know which Robbyism was your favorite. Thanks for reading! Request an album and support the album reviews, as Robby and I have no intentions of stopping them.



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