The Top 10 Robbyisms of Wave Two Album Reviews

Those who read the album reviews that are posted here on Gamerscene know that none of them are complete without the opinion of my cousin Robert. There are occasions where Robby says something that is unintentionally hilarious. Now that we have 20 album reviews completed, I am going to dive into the most recent wave of 10 and pick the best Robbyisms. Let me know in the comments which Robbyism you find the most hilarious. This list was a blast to compile, and hopefully it’s even more of a blast to read. A fresh list of Robbyisms will be made at each increment of 10 album reviews. Let’s get started!

(the ranking of the Robbyisms are completely determined by my own personal opinion)

10. “I can imagine square dancing to this song, followed by downing a nice glass of Cream Soda. Oh, you thought I was going to say beer? Beer is for yellerbellies! Yee haw!” – Robert on Johnny Cash’s I’m Movin’ On

The southern blood is strong in this one. Here is a picture of Robert eating gator, right in the heart of South Carolina.


It’s actually a lamb chop. And it’s actually New Jersey. But this picture is still great.

9. “For you French noobs out there, Chaque Nouvelle Page means Each New Page. I am not fluent in French, even though I took it for 7 years (I blame teachers)” – Robert on Dub Inc’s Chaque Nouvelle Page

The fact that Robert takes accountability for his actions is admirable.

8.“Oh no. This song sounds too Arabic. It reminds me of every party my family and cousins go to, because all they do is blast Arabic music all night long. The parties get loud and annoying, especially since we cannot understand a dang word they are saying.” – Robert on Dub Inc’s Foudagh






7. “If you ever have a bad day (I have had many of those days) and you need something to make your day better, then listen to this song. You can thank me later when your day brightens up like an emerging sunrise.” – Robert on Lydia’s Sleep Well

“An emerging sunrise.” Call him Robby Shakespeare.


Pure sophistication. Graduating from top schools with so many degrees no one can count.

6. “To me, it seems that Ink is literally about getting tattoos. If I ever got a tattoo, I know that my dad would kick me out of the house.” – Robert on Coldplay’s Ink

I can totally envision Robert with a tattoo of a shark on his back. A shark with wings.

5. “I could imagine people marching to this song, or having it be a theme song for anything in life.” – Robert on Linkin Park’s Rebellion

Yes, that song can certainly fit with anything in life. Like cooking. Or a child’s ballet ensemble. Or a funeral.

4. “This song is pure poetry. Honestly, someone should give this guy a Nobel Prize or something.” – Robert on Rodriguez’s Rich Folks Hoax

Robert’s child-like enamor towards Sixto Rodriguez is captured in this very moment. It’s hilarious.

3. “Personal hygiene is important everyone, especially concerning your teeth. Make sure you brush 2-3 times daily, because you do not want to have a bad teeth. My parents regret it.” – Robert on Lorde’s White Teeth Teens

I will be sure not to show this post to his parents.

2. “I can imagine myself getting high  (that will never happen) and having a bunch of weird hallucinations to this song. As a side note: I am in no way promoting drugs to any of you. That stuff will mess up/end your life.” – Robert on Pink Floyd’s On the Run

Some vivid imagery is created by Robert as he urges the reader to stay off drugs. Robert seeing unicorns and dragons as he floats on a wave of yellow comes to mind.

1. “The world is filled with wonders, and this song reminds us that is it is okay to wonder about certain things in life. For all of our younger viewers out there, do not worry or wonder about sex. Trust me, you do not want to know about it until you have matured. For of all the mature viewers out there, please do not overdo it with the sex, like the Game of Thrones, and enjoy it responsibly.” – Robert on Rodriguez’s I Wonder

Robert takes a jab at wondering, sex, and Game of Thrones. Rob’s the sheriff and he doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Deal with it.

Let me know which Robbyism was your favorite! Thanks for reading! Request an album and support the album reviews, as Robby and I have no intentions of stopping them.



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